Dick Clark Died Today at 82


The world has lost one of it’s best.  A longtime television industry maverick and producer who rocked our ears and completely revolutionized the methods in which we listen to popular music, his staple was the event, loved by millions, that you watched in the video above.  The “Rockin’ Eve” is a permanent part of the New Year’s celebration in times square, New York City.  This beloved man, Dick Clark, died of a heart attack, today, April 17th, at the age of 82.

It was reported by his agent, Paul Shefrin, in a statement that Mr. Clark died this morning after being unable to be revived from a “massive heart attack.”

Mr. Clark has been in St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California, after undergoing an outpatient procedure on Tuesday evening, late.  It was after this procedure that he suffered a heart attack and all attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

Survivors of his death include his wife, Kari, and three children.

We will all remember the man that so many American’s loved and remember staying up late with, every new years eve.  May you rest in peace, Mr. Clark.


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Yesterday, March 1st, 2012, was my launch date for a MASSIVE Facebook Campaign for Small Businesses.  I built an entire system around offering Facebook Marketing training, custom-built facebook fan pages, monthly facebook management, and VIP support geared toward small and medium-sized businesses.  But that was all shot to hell by the latest Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages update.  I hope that Facebook realizes the full ramifications from what they have done by cutting the cord on the most important tools available to the small business.  Tools that have been responsible for countless overnight success stories, but now just as swiftly, overnight train-wreaks.  All because of… the Death of Fan Gating.

I had known that this change was coming, but I honestly didn’t even anticipate that Facebook would remove as many things as they did.  I know they have a huge team of really smart people working this out for us, but I feel like they do a really sh**ty job at providing to their customers exactly what they need. Take a look below at how many others are pissed off on Faebook’s latest post on their Facebook Marketing Solutions wall.

With the loss of custom landing tabs and no more calls to action allowed on our main pages, this will be a serious hit to many businesses that are out there trying to be successful on Facebook.  It wouldn’t be near as bad, but with their TOS (terms of service) stating that we aren’t allowed to have any sort of call to action to like our page, or any verbage at all related to our business, on our main timeline photo, I hope Facebook is ready to feel the weight of many more pissed of business owners who also feel like their life-blood has been drained.

How are we supposed to incentivize people to want to like our page? How are we supposed to convert more of our Facebook visitors into raving fans if we aren’t IMMEDIATELY exchanging anything of value with them? What’s the point now of all the 3rd party apps like Static HTML iFrame Tabs??? I’m surprised these guys aren’t standing up and SCREAMING to be known about how they feel about this huge change.  Facebook can be such a powerful tool for small businesses, but with these radical changes, I believe we have taken huge steps in reverse – steps that will make an impact across many, many channels of industry.

So if you haven’t accepted it yet, you better do it now – the Death of Fan Gating I believe has arrived.  No more are we allowed to incentivize people to like our page – they have to choose to do that on their own, which will make fan conversions plummet.  This change is really hard to deal with, and I’d like everyone with a voice to step up and be heard and let Facebook know that we aren’t going to be bullied around by a billion dollar system that thinks they are so powerful that they shouldn’t take into consideration the opinions and viewpoints of the people that matter most.

The Death of Facebook Marketing as a whole I believe is much closer to us than we think.  If Facebook continues down the path that a billion dollar, publicly owned industry would probably go down (being more concerned about profitability than it’s people), I think Small Business and Brand Marketing on Facebook is going to take a HUGE hit.  Are you ready? Better hunker down… the ride is only beginning.

Let me just say, this guy does some stellar impressions.  Check out the one right below here for a quality Morgan Freeman impression. Below that, you’ll see one where he does impressions of Alan Alda, Michael Caine, James Earl Jones, and another Morgan Freeman one!

Check out his channel too above… he also does Ian McKellen.

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